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About Us

Time to restore America

    Kingdom Patriots is an organization was founded on July 4, 2021, with a vision to restore America to it's foundational values. We share a calling, an urgent desire to make a difference in our communities, in our states, in our country. We are ordinary citizens who believe in extraordinary Savior and live in an extraordinary country. In our lifetimes, we have seen the degradation of our political system that most certainly fails to reflect the political, moral, and spiritual values of the vast majority of Americans.

    While we are unashamedly Christians, we welcome all those who have a love for country and desire to see our country return to its principled roots of self-determination, limited government, and a system guided by Judeo-Christian values. That’s why you will see many of our topics, posts, education, and training include faith in the content.  Our faith in Jesus determines our values and our values should determine our politics.

We are Kingdom Patriots,
Chris, Clay, and Shaun

Vision & Values


We connect & support faith-based patriots through business and consumer memberships


  1. Principled – Decisions are based on our guiding principles

  2. Accountable – We are accountable to God and our fellow man

  3. Trustworthy – Ethics is not something we do, it’s who we are

  4. Stewardship – We are good stewards of our time, talent, and resources

Our Story

 College Roommates

    We reconnected over Facebook after many years post college. Chris felt an urgency about the condition our country. He had a vision to change that. One by one he called some trusted friends. We have been praying and keeping watch over unfolding events. Knowing that faith without works is dead, he placed a few calls.

    His question? "Do you feel like we need to do something in addition to prayer? That we need to put feet to our our faith?"

    With a collective, "YES," a Teams call was scheduled. After just a few calls it became clear, we shared the same calling, an urgent desire to make a difference in our communities, in our states, in our country. 

Meet the Executive Team

   Chris is an entrepreneur as well as a Compliance & Privacy Officer in Healthcare.  He has held various roles include CFO and COO at multiple hospitals including those that transitioned through mergers and acquisitions.

   Chris graduated in 1993 from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration; majors in Accounting and Marketing. In 2014, Chris graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame's Executive MBA program.

   While a Texas native, Chris currently resides in Michigan with his wife and four children.  He's always had a heart for family, faith, friends, and country. Having been close to politics, he believes that you must first change the heart of people to truly have a lasting impact on our laws, regulations, and government. In 1996, Chris served as treasurer in Houston, TX with the Alan Keyes presidential campaign.

   Chris is an adamant believer in the rule of law, individual liberty, freedom to worship, and the right to self-determination. He desires to see all come to Christ and experience true freedom.

    Initially Clay studied Marketing and Management at Houston Baptist University.  Later he pursued a medical career becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist / Respiratory Care Practitioner in the Great State of Texas. 

    In recent years he was privileged to be a Physician Support Analyst, and a Physician Support Coordinator at prestigious hospitals in the Houston area. 

    Pursuing life long passions and after a very vivid dream, an online e-commerce store was formed to encourage others to refresh, renew and refocus their life into their God given purpose. As the Founder & CEO of Mercantile Mountain LLC, support for American Based Small business is paramount and Mercantile Mountain seeks to partner with like minded craftsman, artisan, and businesses to bring quality products to our customers.

    We are at a clear precipice in our country and the time for talk and praying has moved into a time of action in unity.  It is time to Be Strong in both Faith and Spiritual Warfare - Civil Disobedience!

    Shaun is an author and evangelist who ministers healing and prophecy. Part of that ministry in chronicled in his first book and limited YouTube series by the same name, Phenomenal Christianity.

    He studied Communications and Theology at Houston Baptist University. He is also author of a second book, a political comedy, Evidence to Shampeach, All the Evidence Democrats Used to Impeach Donald Trump.

    Shaun joined the vision of Kingdom Patriots to pursue a second calling to advise leaders about practical and spiritual matters that affect our country - to restore Americas.

    He resides in Houston where he worked for an oil and gas engineering firm while launching Kingdom Patriots. Among his many duties with the firm was the production of a quarterly virtual Town Hall, a prelude to podcasting. Shaun also continues to co-lead Ascend, a prophetic group at Encourager Church.

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